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The God of Genesis 1
03-12-2017, 12:44 AM
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The God of Genesis 1
I think some people are under the assumption that "God" is a species, similar to how mankind is a species, and that God reproduces after like kind in the manner which mankind was made to regenerate.

However, I believe that references to "the god" (in Greek "o theos") in the Bible, often appearing as "God" with a capital letter G, is a reference to a unique entity, a Supreme Being without equal. He doesn't have a "like kind", but rather He is One of a kind.

While we see mentions of "sons of God" in the Bible, typically they are referring to angels, or heavenly beings (but not always). Mankind can also be identified as "sons of God". But this just means that God is the generator or progenitor of these beings...He generated/made them, but not in the same way that mankind regenerates.

Genesis 1 tells us that God caused various species to come into being through the power of His spoken word; He spoke them into being. And then He fashioned those species to reproduce after like kind.

And then, mankind would reproduce after like kind: a man and woman would produce another man or woman. Animal kind such as a male dog and a female dog would produce another male or female dog.

God, however, when He produces anything, it is not a duplicate of Himself. In other words, God does not generate more "gods". He generates beings, even beings made in His own image (ie mankind), but these are not "mini-gods" who grow up to be big gods, rather they are an entirely different species from God.

It seems to me that humans, having been made in the image and likeness of God bears a resemblance to Him, but we are not of the same species as Him. We are human, He is not.

So when I hear the phrase "son of God" in reference to a human, even "the only begotten son of God", I don't believe this is referring to a being who is the same species as God. Rather, I understand it to be a reference to someone who was generated from Him and bears a resemblance to Him.

What do you think?

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