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Hello, please introduce yourself if you believe that the 12 hour day starts in the morning and that it is separate from the night.

I have been a day person for around 6 years. I kept the evening start for about a year and a half. I started honoring the 7th day Sabbath about 7 years ago after being invited to leave the christian church I was attending.
Me, too. (I'm Tywiggle's wife. Wink )
(03-11-2017 01:25 PM)Messyanic Wrote: [ -> ]Me, too. (I'm Tywiggle's wife. Wink )

Like you, Ty, I observed the sunset/evening beginning of day for around a year and a half. Then I got tired of calculating and re-calculating, and was looking at Exodus 16. Then my friend, Irma, sent me a link to a video on the sunrise as the beginning of the day. This was sometime in 2013, I think. Then I stumbled upon Carrie and her compelling studies. And there was no looking back for me. It's hard to unsee truth once you see it.

It's a joy to be a child of light! Smile
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